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What is a Knowledge Sharing Event (KSE)?

Under Ontario’s On-Farm Climate Action Fund (OFCAF), cost-share funding supports farmers in adopting best management practices (BMPs) that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and store carbon, specifically for in-field nitrogen management, expanding cover cropping, and implementing rotational grazing systems. BMP demonstration, peer-to-peer learning, and access to expert advice play a key role in farmers’ long-term adoption of new practices. The OFCAF pairs cost-share support for BMPs with participation in Knowledge Sharing Events (KSEs), which aim to increase understanding of the eligible BMPs. Farmers must attend a KSE to receive a cost-share payment for completing a project.

A KSE is a networking opportunity where producers benefit from the latest research, first-hand experience from their peers and industry experts, and access to information networks or resources supporting long-term implementation of BMPs specific to addressing climate change challenges.

A KSE can be in many different formats, including field demonstration events, webinars, workshops, or sessions at agricultural conferences. KSEs may be hosted by any agricultural association, organization, or agri-business, provided the event meets the objectives of the OFCAF. Participation in a KSE is a requirement for approved applicants to claim their cost-share funding.

A KSE must address at least one of the three eligible project categories with a focus on successful implementation of the practice (i.e., Nitrogen Management, Cover Cropping, Rotational Grazing Systems).

Required Participation in a KSE for Approved OFCAF Applicants

Relative to some other opportunities, OFCAF provides a higher level of cost-share funding to support implementation of targeted BMPs with a goal of encouraging successful, long-term adoption. Access to knowledge and resources are key components to ensure success. Within the eligible Project Start and Completion dates for their approved OFCAF application, applicants must participate in a minimum of one (1) OSCIA-approved KSE that aligns with their project category, before submitting a claim for cost-share. Costs associated with attending the KSE (e.g., registration, mileage, travel, etc.) are not eligible for cost-share.


Where do I find the listing of approved KSEs?

The listing of approved KSEs is continuously being updated, with new events being added through-out the year. Each project category has its own listing, as not every approved KSE will be applicable to all project categories (i.e., Nitrogen Management, Cover Cropping, Rotational Grazing Systems). While OSCIA provides a listing of events, please make sure to click on the event and confirm dates, times, location, and any requirements for registering.


How do OFCAF-approved applicants confirm participation at an event?

Approval of an OFCAF cost-share application in no way secures a spot at and/or covers any costs for attending an OSCIA-approved KSE. 

When an applicant receives written approval for a cost-share application, they are provided with a link to a Knowledge Sharing Event Participation Form. This form can be downloaded and taken to an approved KSE, where the event organizer or OSCIA staff will be on site to sign the form confirming participation.  Information for when and where to send the form will be provided with the written approval. Alternatively, a QR code will also be made available at most events for participants to scan and complete an online version of the Participation Form.

What's in it for event organizers?

Approved KSEs will benefit from cross-promotion by OSCIA to members and stakeholders, and campaigns targeting OFCAF participants. OSCIA will drive interest in your event through our social media, calendar listing, and features in OSCIA’s newsletters.

At the organizer’s discretion, OSCIA can provide staff to be present at the KSE to address questions and/or speak to the OFCAF and other relevant cost-share and learning opportunities delivered by OSCIA. 

Apply to be a Knowledge Sharing Event

Submit your event early to maximize cross promotion opportunities! To qualify an event as a KSE, OSCIA needs the event title, date, times, a contact person/event organizer, the event format (e.g., online, in-person), and a short event description that identifies which OFCAF BMPs will be covered (i.e., Nitrogen Management, Cover Cropping, Rotational Grazing Systems). This information can be provided through sending one of the following:  

  • A completed copy of the Knowledge Sharing Event (KSE) Application Form available here;
  • A copy of an event flyer; or,
  • A link to an event website

Submit your information to KSE applications must be submitted for review a minimum of 5 business days prior to the event.

Event organizers will receive a QR code prior to the event so that producers can easily receive credit for attending the KSE. All approved events will be automatically added to the KSE event calendar on the OSCIA website.


If you have questions about applying as a KSE or about participating in a KSE as a cost-share requirement, please contact us at or by phone at 226-934-8297.

Knowledge Sharing Events

Applicants must participate in an OSCIA-recognized Knowledge Sharing Event (KSE) within the eligible Project Start and Completion dates for their approved OFCAF application, and before submitting a claim for cost-share.

Review the list below to find an applicable Knowledge Sharing Event in your area or online!

An in-person, Environmental Farm Plan workshop or a Farmland Health Check-up completed within the eligible invoice dates for the intake under which the applicant was approved, can be a KSE for projects under Nitrogen Management or Cover Cropping.

Click here a listing of upcoming EFP workshops.

For a list of participating CCAs/P.Ags who deliver the Check-Up, click here.

New events will be added regularly. Check for updates again soon!

Explore Upcoming Knowledge Sharing Events

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