Mobile Soil Technology Suite (MSTS)

The Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association are excited to help you take your outdoor meeting or in-field learning to the next level with the Mobile Soil Technology Suite.

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On-farm Field Day or Meeting

The audio/visual trailer enhances the participants experience during in-field meetings by projecting real-time camera or video images onto the 7 x 10 high resolution LED screen. The LED screen can be used for:

In-field presentations
Panel discussions
Video streaming
Virtual meetings

Compaction Event

A soil compaction event offers a below-ground look at how heavy equipment traffic impacts the soil. The main feature of a soil compaction event is an equipment compaction sensing demonstration, where a selection of farm equipment is driven over a suite of sensors buried in the ground. These sensors will indicate the magnitude of stress transferred to the soil by equipment as it travels over the field. A compaction event can also involve hands-on demonstrations that dig deeper into soil compaction and its impact on various parts of the crop production system.
OSCIA will connect you with OMAFRA experts to assist you.

Soil Health Event

Soil health is defined by a soil’s capacity to work as a living ecosystem. The MSTS includes the tools OMAFRA or industry experts need to demonstrate and explore different aspects of soil health including soil structure, erosion, compaction, water infiltration, and microbial activity. The screen and audio-visual equipment will ensure that everyone is able to see and hear what is being demonstrated. The MSTS provides the equipment to enhance the information provided by OMAFRA staff or industry experts.

Weigh Clinics

A weigh clinic involves weighing loaded equipment on a stable base to determine the optimal road and infield tire pressures to reduce compaction and improve fuel efficiency.  OSCIA has 6 pad portable wheel load scales, wireless display and printer. that provide a read out of the weight distribution on each tire. Weigh clinics must be conducted on a stable base such as concrete or packed gravel. If you are interested in holding a local weigh clinic, we will connect you with a tire inflation expert and OMAFRA staff.

The Mobile Soil Technology Suite; commonly known as the MSTS is made up of 6 key components

      • A trailer-mounted 7 x 10-foot-high resolution, weather-proof display screen
      • Portable speakers and audio system
      • High resolution video cameras for broadcast
      • Mobile soil health lab
      • Portable pad scales with wi-fi connectivity
      • Soil health monitoring and compaction detection equipment

MSTS Reservation Request

Booking Notice: Please be aware that this is a booking reservation request form to notify OSCIA of your interest to use the MSTS equipment. OSCIA will contact you directly to finalize your booking once your request has been received. Bookings are for equipment only; the services of a soil specialists are not included with the equipment. OSCIA advises you to consult with Ian McDonald ( ) if you wish to host a compaction event, and Andrew Barrie ( for a Soil Health event.

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