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Environmental Farm Plan workshops are available now under the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership (Sustainable CAP). See the calendar for dates and register now.

The electronic Environmental Farm Plan (eEFP) is also available now.

Details on future Biosecurity Workshops and Webinars coming soon.

Details on future cost share intakes being delivered by OSCIA will be provided as funding opportunities are announced.

Workshop registration is  completed through If you have never accessed, you may access the site as a New Client and register for a workshop. If you have questions about workshop registration, please contact the workshop leader in your area.

Please note that if you do not see a workshop that you have need for scheduled, contact so we can learn more about how to support your needs, including any French language offerings.


Environmental Farm Plan (EFP)

The Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) is a voluntary assessment by farm families to increase environmental awareness. Farmers highlight their farm’s environmental strengths, areas of concern, and set realistic action plans to improve environmental conditions.


Biosecurity Workshops and Webinars are a good place to start addressing your on-farm biosecurity program. Offered as a one-day, in-person workshop or as two, 2-hour webinars. Workshops and webinars are offered for Generic Livestock ( which includes beef, dairy, sheep, and goat producers), Crops and Horticulture (includes field crops, horticulture and floriculture), Bees, Mink, and Poultry producers.

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Have Questions?

Do you have questions about workshop opportunities in your area? Contact you local OSCIA field staff.


Our members have access to live and virtual events across the province and country. These events cover a wide array of topics from how to use cover crops in your field to mental health resources for farmers. Many events offer hands-on learning, in-field demonstrations, plot tours, and informational sessions.

Keep an eye on the calendar for upcoming events! 


Workshops and Events

Find answers to our most frequent questions about OSCIA delivered workshops and events.

From the Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) to commodity-specific Biosecurity Workshops, and Growing your Farm Profits (GYFP), OSCIA has a deep-rooted history delivering workshops and webinars to Ontario’s farming community. Some workshops are offered in different formats (e.g., in-person, webinar). To find the right opportunity for you, information on workshops can be found here.

There is no fee to attend a workshop or webinar, but pre-registration is required. Workshops may not run without a minimum number of registrants.

Different workshops may be tailored to specific commodities or at different stages of the process. For example, an eEFP is for participants who have completed an in-person 3rd or 4th edition workshop and are simply wanting to update their workbook, while the biosecurity workshops and webinars are tailored to specific commodities.  

Information including dates, times, and the location of scheduled in-person workshops and biosecurity webinars can be found here. You can register online for a workshop through If you do not already have a user account, you must create one before you can register. If you do not see a workshop in your area or if you have questions about a workshop, contact your local Workshop Leader by phone or email.

OSCIA is committed to providing accessible access to workshops and program delivery. If you have accommodation needs, please contact us.
Certain events may require memberships, specifically local events, but others do not require a membership. This information will be provided on the event description.

Many of our events are free to our members! However, if there is a cost associated, it will be noted on the registration page for the event.

We strive to offer a wide array of events from demonstrations to hands-on learning to informational lectures. Details will be provided in the events description.
Once you click on the event in the calendar, it will bring you to the registration page with all the relevant information. If sign up is required for the event, instructions will be provided on this page.
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